about us

KAMILA LIMA is a brand that creates accessories of a casual, unforced elegance.

They are characterized by a simple cut and raw finish.

The founder and designer of the brand is Kamila Limarowska, passionate about horse riding, photography and country style. She tries to combine all these features in her designs that create the style and character of the brand. Accessories are made in our studio from design to ready bag, we use only high-quality materials, i.e. natural leather and Pinatex.

Each purchased product is made to order, especially for you.

our purpose

KAMILA LIMA through authenticity and timeless style wants to take you to nature, a simple world like country! Such a life is not about material status, but about a freedom, looseness and harmony that never goes out of style.




"Bonin (Mecca of equestrian sport) is picturesque, a small town situated among forests, meadows and studs.

I came here in 2014 and I fell in love. The place inspired me to create my first projects and studio, where I improved my workshop, taking lessons from professional tailors and craftsmen, and later to found the KAMILA LIMA brand. When I'm designing, I always think about how to capture the freedom, naturalness and simplicity that accompanies places like Bonin, where among forests and raw, wooden fences life flows more slowly and the beauty and refinement of horses constantly amazes.  

Therefore, a logo with a horse was created as a brand sign to always return to the place where everything began. "

photos of Bonin

in workshop